A day in the life

A life in need

Some people thrive on routine. Not Calea nurses. They love the idea of every day being different. Every day presenting a new challenge. There's no such thing as a typical visit, a typical shift... or a typical life in need. Below, you'll get a glimpse into a day in the life of one of our Clinical Nurse Advisors. Hopefully, you'll see why it might appeal to you.

"One of the big plus points of being a Clinical Nurse Advisor for me is that I can use my own clinical judgement to help patients get better."

"Whether patients live in a rural or non-rural area I always get organised the night before. I don't like being delayed for any visit."

"On a typical day I could visit seven or eight patients, starting with a 76 year old lady suffering with Crohn's disease. Then it could be on to someone who had a catastrophic bowel obstruction, or another with a malignant tumour, each one trusting me to help. There can be quite a bit of driving involved, but finally it's off home, wondering what's for tea and what tomorrow will bring."